You Are the Conspiracy
By: General Michel Aoun
(Translated by: Elias Bejjani)

Since the war started in Lebanon in 1975, the conspiracy has taken several forms and given different slogans, but it's main objective has remained unchanged. Although no traitor openly talks about it, all of them strive for the realization of this insidious objective, which is to drag Lebanon into an Arab-Israeli regional solution in which its lands will be distributed as consolation prizes. The final stage of this scheme was reached when all of the conspirators joined together in one Lebanese government, with nothing in common among its members except betrayal and submissiveness. Their main role is to serve the interests of the various Middle East players.

The Syrian-installed puppets were leashed by their masters to participate in Arab-Israeli bilateral negotiations within the framework of the peace process based on the "land for peace" slogan. They aimed to be negotiators in solving the "deep-rooted" crisis between Israel and Lebanon, the crisis that was initially created because of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. When the negotiations reached a decisive stage, the members of the Lebanese delegation ran away, abandoning their national responsibilities. They refused all solutions aimed at putting an end to the Israeli occupation, solutions that would have given Lebanon sovereignty over its occupied land.

This coincided with a propaganda campaign designed to mislead the Lebanese people about the facts of the negotiations. Lebanese were surprised to know that their country's fate has been tied to the Syrian-Israeli track, which is a deviation from the principle of bilateral negotiations. Lebanese official refused all the positive proposals that aimed to stop the Lebanese dilemma in the south and the western Bekaa region. They refused "Lebanon first," "South Lebanon first" and "Jezzine first" proposals without informing the Lebanese why. The worst kind of treason is the puppets' refusal of all solutions, denying the country a peaceful venue to liberate its occupied land.

The peak of collaboration is to charge with treason any Lebanese who accepts these solutions. The puppets' false claim in regards to Syrian endeavours to liberate the occupied Golan heights first is questionable and far from reality. Why is the Syrian Golan Heights (after thirty years of its occupation and subsequent annexation by Israel) still quiet and tranquil? And why is military resistance in the occupied Golan scrupulously avoided by Syria, while it is a "patriotic duty" in South Lebanon?

Their other claim--that their support for Syria is related its mission of "defending the Lebanese against the Israeli enemy"--is a big lie. This claim is groundless due to fact that these troops entered Lebanon and stayed in it in accordance with an Israeli-Syrian understanding agreement based on certain conditions and limited assignments. Since then, Lebanon was exposed to two devastating Israeli assaults in 1993 and in 1996, during which Syrian troops stayed idle and did nothing to fight. The Lebanese people can't forget. If the Israeli slaughter of hundreds of Lebanese, displacment of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese, and destruction of their towns and villages is not reason enough for Syrian troops to fulfill their pledge to "defend" Lebanon, then what is?

The argument that Syrian troops are in Lebanon to combat Israel is ludicrous. There is no need for them to live scattered on the Lebanese roads and highways begging cash tips from pedestrians. They ought to station in special military camps where they can be trained to improve their fighting skills in preparation for the battle !!!

The mission of regime officials is to abort all the solutions so the conspiracy can continue... To them I say, enough is enough, you puppets, traitors and pathological liars! We don't want to hear any more of your lies. Your cries about the conspiracy and its masks are fake, because if in fact there is a conspiracy in Jezzine or in any other part of Lebanon, you are its instigators. You are the conspiracy itself.

August 22/1997