Sheik Bachir's 31 Presidential Election Anniversary
By: Elias Bejjani

August 23/13

John13/15: "The greatest love you can have for your friends is to give your life for them".

Lebanon and its free patriotic citizens, all over the world will remember today 23/13 with pride, honour and pain  Sheik Bachir's 31 presidential Election anniversary . The "Dream" leader Sheik Bachir Gemayel was elected president for Lebanon on 23 August/1982.

Sadly Sheik Bachir was assassinated by Syrian agents before he was able to assume his presidential responsibilities because these stone age terrorists feared his honesty, nationalism, devotion, determination, courage and strong will.

Sheik Bachir who successfully led the Lebanese Christian resistance against the PLO and the Arab dictatorships, fanatic regimes and their terrorist organizations is seen as a unique national and patriotic hero in many Lebanese eyes. He is still considered to be a remarkable leader that they love, adore and cherish. God bless his soul.

Sheik Bachir was extremely faithful, devoted to Lebanon's cause of freedom, committed to the Lebanese rights and dignity, never compromised on his solid and transparent national stances or cajoled or appeased on the account of his Lebanese holy cause.

With strong self confidence, self respect, dignity and fear of Almighty God he continuously witnessed for the truth no matter what and openly and loudly uttered what must be said. He loved both his people and his country and accepted with no fear or hesitation to be a sacrifice on their alter.

Thirty years after his departure his dream, vision, and leadership role model are still vivid and alive in the souls hears and minds of many Lebanese in Lebanon and all over the world.

The Syrian Bathist assassins who are now killing and murdering their own people, were able to kill his body, but definitely failed to kill his dream in a sovereign, free and independent Lebanon.

Thirty years passed and the free Lebanese still strongly believe in Bachir's dream and are struggling with courage and faith to make it happen and become a reality. By God's will and blessings they will achieve this goal no matter what the sacrifices will be.

Sadly the majority of the current corrupted and deviated Lebanese officials, religious and political leaders are dead in the eyes of the many free Lebanese, while in reality these leaders are still alive and breathing.

Meanwhile Bachir who was assassinated 3o years ago is still alive in the hearts and minds of many patriotic Lebanese.

Those criminals and terrorists who killed Bachir, killed only his ash body, but failed to kill his dream or his the deeply rooted love in the hearts of the Lebanese

Every Free and Patriotic Lebanese is Bachir, and that's why Bachir is still alive as well as his dream.

Long Live Freedom

*Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator

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