We Do Not Trust Or Support the So called Levant Christian Conference
Elias Bejjani
September 10/14
It does need a researcher or a philosopher to learn that the Levant Washington Christian Conference has nothing to do with Christianity or with defending Levant Christiansí existence, safety and future in the Middle East.
In our own opinion and analysis it is a fishy, suspicious and camouflaged gathering.
It has raised among many Lebanese patriots in both Lebanon and Diaspora tons of fears, dire suspicions and doubtful questions in regards to its actual hidden aims and objectives.
These hidden aims and objectives in our own analysis serve the Iranian-Syrian Axis Of evil agenda. Accordingly we do not trust or support this conference and strongly believe that it does not address the actual needs of the Levant Christians, nor it addresses their fears, agony and aspirations.
In conclusion a wolf canít be trusted to protect the sheep.
May Almighty God safeguards the Levant Christians from the hidden agenda of this conference.