Lebanon's Confiscated Independence
By: Elias Bejjani

November 22/11

This morning, Lebanon sadly celebrated its 68th Independence Day. The celebration was for some thing that actually does exist at all, because Lebanon is not independent by any standard or criteria. The country unfortunately is fully and totally occupied by the Axis Of Evil powers, Syria, Iran and their militant terrorist organization, Hezbollah.

Meanwhile all the current Lebanese officials, on all levels, and in all positions, especially the high-ranking ones; The President, The Prime Minister, the House Speaker, and the army and internal Security Chiefs are all either Syrian-Iranian puppets, or cowards who have no guts to execute their duties and national obligations.

The present Lebanese government headed by Mr. Najeb Mikati has nothing at all to do with Lebanon or its people. In reality it is Hezbollah's government no more, no less, and came to power through a series coupe of intimidation, terror, criminal acts, assassinations and savage military invasions.

In this context those Lebanese subservient officials who celebrated the independence event today and accepted congratulations in the country's presidential Palace, are in fact mere mercenaries who have sold Lebanon, its people, and its independence to Syria, Iran and their proxy Hezbollah. With no shame or dignity, they openly take their orders directly from Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah and from his both masters, Iran and Syria.

These low class Lebanese officials were not the right ones to be congratulated as the sad and disgusting situation today, but the ones that must be arrested and put on trial for being actual obstacles for reclaiming the confiscated independence and sovereignty.

The congratulations must have gone to Lebanon's martyrs and their families who offered themselves on the country's alter so the Lebanese people can still live with dignity, freedom and not enslaved.

Yes, celebrating the Independence Day is a must and surely a national obligation, but only, and only, when occupied Lebanon is again free, independent and Sovereign. Until this day comes, the day of liberation, and definitely its coming, all celebration like the ones that took place today in Lebanon's capital Beirut are evil charades for puppets, traitors and mercenaries.

In this realm of treason, sin and camouflage, it is worth mentioning that the current Lebanese governing bodies with no exception are all under the full control of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. Accordingly all  countries who really want to help Lebanon and the Lebanese people to reclaim their confiscated independence need to exert all available and possible pressures on Syria and Iran to leave Lebanon and put an end for their evil hegemony and atrocities that they are inflicting on the free Lebanese people.

Because of Lebanon's Martyrs very generous sacrifices, we the Lebanese people remained and Lebanon remained and by God's will we shall remain till the last hour as long as our patriotic and faithful women and men are always ready to defend Lebanon and its freedom. God bless the Souls of all Lebanon's martyrs and safeguard Lebanon and its people.

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