Syria's Accountability Act & the Lebanese Diaspora
By: Elias Bejjani
LCCC Media Chairman

For the first time since Syria's barbaric invasion and occupation of Lebanon in 1976, its regime is acting in an extremely mad and chaotic manner.  The Beirut regime is exhibiting an apparent state of terror and desperateness in anticipation of the Syrian Accountability Act being passed by the US legislatures.  The Act was presented to the US House of Representatives (Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia) on September the 19th of this year.  Five of the seven political experts who delivered testimonies supported it strongly.

Lebanon's hijacked government is spewing out its venom throughout occupied Lebanon in a vicious campaign of fabricated and forged accusations, terror, threats and intimidations.   This campaign has been cowardly waged by Syrian installed Lebanese officials and politicians, against prominent patriotic Lebanese leaders and dignitaries who support the Syrian Accountability Act.  At the helm of these barbaric attacks are fanatic gatherings and fundamentally extremist politicians and clergymen who owe their current status to the Syrian regime.  These terrorists are always ready, without the slightest hesitation, to assume any role and execute any assignment Syria orders them to perform. They are ruthless cowards and mercenaries, specialized in double talk, and the use of foul language, like the "human drum" Nasser Kandeal.

This ongoing ruthless campaign is being waged via Lebanon's politicized and biased judiciary that is fully manipulated by Syria's security apparatus.  The Beirut regime officials, as instructed by their Syrian masters, gave the judiciary a green light to openly threaten, with charges of treason, any Lebanese citizen, expatriate and politician who oppose or even questions Syria's hegemony.  Anyone who: criticizes the Syrian installed puppet politicians, supports the Syria Accountability Act, makes any kind of contact with Jewish or non- Jewish institutions, politicians or media facilities that are not pro-Syrian are liable to face ridiculous, unwarranted charges of treason resulting in long prison sentences.  Any Lebanese that commit any of these Syrian taboos is tagged as a traitor, Zionist collaborator, anti-Arab and anti-Islamist.

To the surprise of Syria, the campaign did not deter one single nationalist and patriot, from pursuing the legitimate peaceful struggle for liberating occupied Lebanon.   Although, it did scare a certain minority who lack faith and patriotic affiliation, the "yes sir" leaders. 

Those who hide behind artificial and pseudo-opposition fronts took off their masks hastily and rushed to appease and cajole the Syrian occupier through statements and releases supporting its hegemony over Lebanon, while attacking any patriotic opposition. The people of Lebanon are not surprised by this treacherous political phenomenon because they are fully aware of who is true and who is not an authentic leader.

Apparently, the Syrian regime is not able to grasp that there are well over 3.5 million American-Lebanese citizens who strongly oppose the illegitimate Syrian occupation of their homeland.  These American-Lebanese citizens are practicing their legitimate right, as American citizens, through their elected representatives, in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, to force Syria to implement the UN Resolution 520 (passed in 1982 unanimously), or otherwise face American sanctions.  Their stance is true patriotism and is entirely within the jurisdiction of both the UN and Human Rights' charters.  It is an absolute obligation for all countries that are members of the UN, to support the people of any country who are deprived of their most basic human rights.   The American-Lebanese community will maintain and constantly increase its lobbying efforts until Lebanon is again an independent, free, democratic and sovereign country!    Can Syria understand this reality and start using some logic in its policies?

Lebanon's Diaspora communities (estimated at 18 million), are fully aware of the horrific oppression, persecution, injustices and crimes that Syria and its installed Lebanese officials are inflicting on the Lebanese people.  Accordingly, they understand the low profile that many Lebanese leaders and politicians are forced to take inside occupied Lebanon.  At the same time, the Lebanese Diaspora do not appreciate nor will they tolerate the pro-Syrian stances of certain leaders who are counted among the sovereign ranks.  These political nationalists, who are unable to voice loudly their opposition for any justifiable reason, are expected to keep quite and avoid adopting stances that oppose the Diaspora's patriotic efforts.  Adnan Addoum Lebanon's Attorney General, Michel Murr and son, and appointed MP Nasser Kandeal are among many mercenaries whose treacherous Judas's role of  cowardly betrayal, terrorism and subservience, should be not imitated by any descent Lebanese.  These vial men should not be feared because history has proven that men of this breed meet bitter defeat and horrible ends.

In the context of their policy; divide and conquer, Syria, is trying, through various media outlets, to spread false, divisive rumors; 

-His Beatitude, the Maronite Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Sfeir, is hostile towards the Syria Accountability Act. 

Truth: Those who allege such a stance show not only ignorance, but also manipulative thinking. These people take a few words from a sentence and twist and spin them to best suit their corrupt needs.  His beatitude said:
"We do not want to judge her (Syria) we do not want any harm to Syria.  As Lebanese we have nothing to do with this project (Syrian Accountability Act).  It is an American project that concerns the Americans only.  If there is any American judgment for Syria, the Lebanese should not interfere.  Meanwhile, the Lebanese judiciary must not be used for achieving political objectives and to charge with treason anyone who criticizes the Syrian-Lebanese relation in its current form. The charge of treason has been the answer to anyone that criticizes the current status quo and its odds.  Any country that attempts to destroy the opposition destroys itself too."

His Beatitude refuses to interfere in the internal affairs of any foreign country.  He refuses to take a pro or anti stance in regards to the "Syrian Accountability Act due to the fact that it is an internal American concern being currently debated in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  He is absolutely right in saying "it is an American project and concerns only the American people".

We wonder if Syria and its Lebanese political orchestra
, who are fighting for "Syrianize" Lebanon, have forgotten that there are 3.5 million patriotic American-Lebanese citizens?  What is being ignored here is that the American-Lebanese community is practicing its legitimate right through its elected representatives to make Syria accountable for occupying their homeland and oppressing their people.  Based on this reality, Patriarch Sfeir is not against the Act, but against the Lebanese interference in the affairs of another country.  His stance is very clear, "It is an American project that concerns the Americans only.  If there is any American judgment for Syria, the Lebanese should not interfere".   Here again we remind Syria and its installed Lebanese regime that the American-Lebanese community is abiding fully by the Patriarch's stance; they are American citizens minding their own affairs that relates to their roots, ethics, love for peace and respect for human rights.

In the same realm, Syria is playing General Michel Aoun's stances against those of His Beatitude Patriarch Sfeir and the patriotic nationalist leaders residing in occupied Lebanon.  General Aoun fully respects His Beatitude and perfectly understands the quagmire circumstances of certain patriotic opposition leaders and the kind of hardships they are exposed to.  Aoun made his stance very clear in an interview with Al -Shark Alawast published on 27/9/02,

"In regards to Patriarch Sfier, he also endeavors for Lebanon's salvation and for reclaiming its sovereignty and independence.  I stand beside him in this matter, but it happens that some differences take place at times in regards to the approaches adopted.  This is normal, if we take in consideration each others experience in the free democratic domain.  As for as the others, I can't accept seeing them being marginalized.  They have been forbidden to talk and have been manipulated into joining the Syrian camp.  I don't believe this is normal, because they drifted from us under intimidation and threats".

Lebanon's Diaspora, is the conscience of the Lebanese nation and the true, unadulterated representation of Patriotic Lebanese.  They are a loud and courageous voice found all over the world.  The Diaspora will resort to all peaceful and legitimate means in a bid to ensure that Lebanon is again a free, independent, sovereign and democratic country.   In achieving this holy mission, the Diaspora will pursue aggressively all available peaceful and legitimate avenues and means, especially the implementation of the UN Resolution 520 and the Syrian Accountability Act.

We advise Syria and its Lebanese regime that all their terror, atrocities, threats, fabricated accusations and oppression will not deter the Diaspora from pursuing its sacred mission; witness for the truth and struggle for Lebanon's liberation.
Our Lebanese patriots, because of your faith, perseverance and peaceful struggle, the biased judiciary campaign as well as the vicious attempts of playing Lebanese leaders against each other will be aborted.

Long Live Free Lebanon

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