Camouflage & Deceit
By: Elias Bejjani
LCCC Media Chairman
There is nothing any more surprising in this current global era that does not honor values and human rights.  There is no more respect for ethics, integrity or honor in politics.  This deviation from the norm is shamelessly portrayed in the twisted pattern applied by big countries in their relations with oppressed people worldwide.   All what these big powers care about is their own interests, while freedoms and democracy are mere empty slogans, deceitful media tags used for manipulation and camouflage.

This bitter reality was most evident during the Francohponie summit recently held in Beirut.  It is worth mentioning that thirty out of the fifty-six French speaking countries that participated in the meeting, from Canada to Vietnam, oppress their own people and infringe on basic human rights.  Occupied Lebanon's regime is a leading role model in this devious domain.

The outcome of the meeting was not a success for Lebanon's cause of liberation, nor for the Arab-Israeli conflict.  The recommendation stated,

"We reaffirm our complete support for Lebanon and its people in the efforts aiming to face political, economical and social challenges.  We call for an immediate resumption of the peace process based on the Madrid Conference principles and the United Nations resolutions, especially UN resolutions 242 and 338.  We also support the Arabic peace initiative adopted unanimously at the last Arabic Summit Conference held in Beirut on (March 27/28/2002) .  We consider this initiative with all its components, "The Land for Peace" in particular, and the one addressing the Palestinian Refugee problem, the best frame to reach a just and comprehensive solution in the region"

The meeting has turned a blind eye on the UN Resolution 520, that demands for the withdrawal of all non-Lebanese forces from Lebanon and Reaffirms resolutions 508 (1982), 509 (1982) and 516 (1982) in all their components.  UN 520 also calls for the strict respect for Lebanon's sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and political independence under the sole and exclusive authority of the Lebanese Government through the Lebanese Army throughout Lebanon.  In addition, it also affirms the UN resolutions 512 (1982) and 513 (1982) which calls for the respect for the rights of the civilian populations without any discrimination and repudiates all acts of violence against those populations.

President Chirac was a big disappointment for the majority of the Lebanese who expected a courageous and just stance.  He did not only drop the UN Resolution 520 from all his speeches, interviews and statements, but also tied the Syrian Army withdrawal from Lebanon with the final and ultimate Arabic-Israeli peace.  In his speech at Lebanon's Syrian installed parliament he said,
"Definitely there will be no constant, just and comprehensive peace unless it includes Lebanon and Syria and unless a fair solution is formulated to address the Palestinian Refugee problem.  A solution that takes into consideration Lebanon's interests, this is Frances's solid stance.  At the same time, any progress towards peace that we wish genuinely to see, will give Lebanon and Syria the opportunity to arrange their own relations and accomplish the complete withdrawal of the Syrian army from you country Lebanon in accordance to the Taef Accord."

We wonder if there is any justice in not addressing Lebanon's occupation dilemma in an international meeting held in the Lebanese capital itself;  although it was convened under the Syrian occupier's flag and in the shadow of its oppressive Stalinist iron fist.   We also ask ourselves, according to which human rights' covenant, has Lebanon been kept a hostage of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and a pawn in the devious Middle East power balance formula?  In the meantime, the Arab-Israeli conflict has been escalating for the last fifty years, and might maintain this same status quo for another fifty years more.   Does this simply mean that the Lebanese people have to endlessly endure Syria's occupation and suffer its savage consequences as long as this conflict remains unsolved?
We believe that Syria's unlawful and dirty services delivered to Israel, Arab Monarchies, France and the United States should not justify its ongoing occupation of our beloved country!

The Lebanese people were shocked when they saw President Chirac addressing Lebanon's Syrian installed Parliament.  Mr. Chirac knows better than anyone else, that this Parliament does not by any means represent the Lebanese hopes, aspirations or free will.   He is also fully aware that all elections that took place since 1990 were fake and completely manipulated and staged by the Syrian occupier.  These Syrian appointed MP'S have betrayed Lebanon's people and sold the country to their Syrian master that had appointed them for a price.  They have passed legislations that made Lebanon a Syrian Colony and a satellite state.  They were and still are a local cover for Syria's horrible atrocities inflicted on the Lebanese people in all domains.  They were and still are filthy rubber stamps and cowardly cronies of the puppet appointed officials in a conspiracy targeting Lebanon's freedoms, sovereignty, independence, identity, history and economy.

President Chirac has committed a terrible infringement against the Covenant of Human Rights by addressing a Parliament that was not elected by the country's people.  This same Parliament does not honor any right for the Lebanese to call for the end of the Syrian occupation or address any atrocities committed by the Lebanese Syrian-installed officials.  In the eyes of this Parliament, any Lebanese who is not kneeling for Syria's hegemony is a Zionist, Israeli collaborator and a traitor.

President Chirac's call for the implementation of the "Taef Accord" can't be taken seriously by any nationalist Lebanese.  This Accord was born dead, while the countries that sponsored it, including France, have dishonored their rhetorical vows and never attempted to pressure Syria to abide by its terms.  The "Taef Accord" was forced on the Lebanese in a bid to legalize and legitimize the Syrian occupation.   It was not and will never be a successful means for Lebanon's Liberation.  On the contrary, it is a Syrian-Arab tool that is devouring Lebanon as an entity and destroying its distinguishable identity, the essence of Lebanon's 7000 years of history.

We remind Mr. Chirac, that Israel has implemented the UN Resolution 425 and withdrew its troops from South Lebanon in May 2000.  Accordingly there is not one minute reason left that justifies the ongoing Syrian occupation.  Syria is not in Lebanon to defend the Lebanese people against Israel because its army has never shot one bullet on an Israeli soldier or military installment.  Israel has militarily attacked Lebanon hundreds of times. Many of these attacks have targeted locations only a few meters away from Syrian Army posts without any kind of Syrian response, except childish rhetoric and heroic press releases.

The Lebanese nationalists were betrayed by Mr. Chirac's cajoling and appeasing pro-Syrian stances.  He did not address the injustices and oppressions inflicted on Lebanon.   The Lebanese are confident Mr. Chirac is fully aware of Syria's venomous schemes to annihilate Lebanon's distinguishable identity, destroy its economy and impoverish and force the new generation into emigration and therefore change the country's delicate demography.  Mr.Chirac is also aware of the  persecuting and murdering  of nationalists, the confiscation of independence, and hijacking of the peoples' representation.

The Francohponie meeting was  a conference without a soul and a big failure in the domains of justice, witnessing for the truth, freedoms and human rights.  It was a shame and a horrible crime for the fifty six countries to not address the UN Resolution 520 and deny openly Lebanon's cause of liberation.

For centuries, dating back to the days when the ancient Phoenician traders sailed the Mediterranean selling their wares, the Lebanese have always retained a keen sense of independence, dignity and freedom.  They continue to do so, and their struggle will go on until Lebanon is again a free and sovereign nation!

Long Live Free Lebanon

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