New Syrian plays
By: Elias Bejjani

It was extremely frustrating to look thoroughly at the kind of hostile and scandalous debates that dominated the latest parliamentary sessions held at the "Negmi Square" Lebanese Legislature. The heated sessions were initially designated to study and pass the 2001 budget. But the Syrian occupier imposed a theatrical and rhetorical scenario through its installed MP's in a bid to portray the Lebanese world-wide as immature, fanatic, unable to accept or deal with each and most importantly on the verge of engaging into a civil war if and when the Syrian troops are forced to withdraw from Lebanon. After four days of hysterical debates the disastrous  52% deficit budget was passed with a great majority. The patriotic Lebanese could not help but feel humiliated, betrayed and frustrated for learning that the majority of the 128 MP's  are actual spearheads for devastating anti-Lebanese conspiracies on internal, regionally and internationally levels. The hostile rhetorical fights that broke out among MP's and the government inside and outside the Parliament were part of a Syrian dictated scenario aiming to show the Lebanese leadership as unable to run the country's affairs without Syrian backup. God help our people in occupied Lebanon and grant them endurance and faith to be able to fight and expose the ongoing imposed disasters orchestrated by Syria and executed through subservient Lebanese officials.

Some of our people might have been happy thinking that democracy has been restored to the parliament, and freedom of speech as well as free decision making process are protected, but unfortunately what we witnessed was the extreme opposite. The deceiving events that took place at the parliament during the four days heated debate were fully planned, orchestrated and pre-arranged by Damascus. The Syrian Regime aimed to tell the world that the Lebanese hate each other, unable to govern themselves and therefore war will break among the different communities the moment Syria ends its occupation and withdraws its army. The truth of the matter is that the majority of the Lebanese people are against the Syrian occupation, more then capable  to run their own affairs and truly struggling to reclaim their confiscated independent, sovereignty and free decision making process. They all want their country to be free from all foreign troops through the implementation of the UN Resolution 520...

The Syrian regime was and still is under political and economical  local and international pressure to withdraw its occupational troops from Lebanon and implement the "Taef Accord". The Lebanese opposition Coalition spearheaded by thousands of university students have succeeded in exerting a tremendous pressure on the Syrian Regime and on its Lebanese puppet proxy. They courageously unveiled the Syrian vicious schemes and embarrassed its leadership proving to the Lebanese people that the Syrian Army is not in Lebanon to fight Israel, but to oppress and persecute those who call for independence, sovereignty, freedoms and democracy. This peaceful patriotic opposition has forced the Syrian Regime to re-deploy  its troops in Beirut and Mount Lebanon in an attempt to contain the pressure and abort all calls for withdrawal of its troops. Accordingly the Damascus dictatorship resorted back to its old imperialistic venomous tactics in which it sets fires here and there, then volunteers to play the role of the fireman. In this context we can understand the vicious rhetoric war between the Presidents (Lahoud, Berri and Hariri), the ongoing confrontation between Hizbollah and PM, Mr. Harirri, the tension between Hizbollah and Amal Movement, the hostile attitudes between Hizbollah and Mr. Walid Jumblat, the hostile stances between Lahoud and Berri, the Middle East Airlines crisis, the latest union's demonstrations, surfacing of sandals files, the Hashish and opium return to the Bekaa valley etc.

Those who have been following Damascus's imperialist tactics in Lebanon for the last 30 years, especially the "divide and conquer" strategy, have cautioned from the fatal consequences of this recent Syrian hysterical campaign. Without Syria's blessings Mr. Hariri would not have the courage to unveil Hizbollah's role in embezzling 250 million dollars each year though illegal long distance calls. Also MP, Bassam Saaba would not has been allowed to expose the illegal taping scandal. At the same time Hizbollah would not have been able to lead numerous unions and adopt their economical demands.  Many Lebanese believe Syria is behind all the latest conflicts, confrontations, crisis,  rhetoric fights and other games and fabricated judicial files files.

The question is: What was the outcome of the taping file exposure and the other unveiled embezzlement and atrocities' cases? Just a big zero, not one judicial investigation took place. Meanwhile the Lebanese people are fully aware that joined Syrian-Lebanese intelligence agencies illegal wire tap phones of all government officials including the three presidents in addition to all clergymen, politicians and thousands of citizens around the clock. All the embezzlement cases that were unveiled will be ignored and kept away from the judicial system because Syria controls the government as well as the parliament and the judicial body.

The debate over these scandalous files, in the theatrical manner that prevailed was not a sign of any sort of democracy, but instead a camouflaged plot orchestrated by Syria to divide and conquer, even among among the Lebanese subservient officials serving blindly its schemes. The Syrian chameleon tactic aimed to portray Hizbollah as a devouring monster more then ready to crush militarily all the other Lebanese communities and factions including the Shiite Mal Movement. It is worth mentioning that Hizbollah has been lately banned by the Syrian regime from waging any military operation against Israel from Chabaa Farms. This new strategy was forced on the Syrian leadership as a result of Sharon's new unilateral rules for the on going war-game between Israel and Syria that has been in existence since 1976.  Syria and Israel, contrary to all the faked media portrayed hostilities between the two countries, are full partners and secret allies. Both want Lebanon to stay occupied and a heaven for terrorism, corruption and internal conflicts. Syria sent its troops to Lebanon in 1976 in accordance to a mutual secret agreement with Israel sponsored by the USA, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other regional countries. The deal was and still is, Syria maintains its occupation to Lebanon and Israel enjoys its on going occupation to the Syrian Golan Heights. In the same context Syria invaded the free Lebanese regions in 1990 and ousted its legitimate government.

The truth behind all these games is nothing but an attempt by Syria to legitimize it occupation and instigate the Lebanese communities against each other. The question remains:  Are the so-called Lebanese leaders and politicians struggling to abort such plots?
Long Live Free Lebanon