Lebanon's "ISESCO" membership,
is a Vicious conspiracy against its Multi-cultural identity
By: Elias Bejjani


Even, those Lebanese who are still politically deceived, blind supporters of the current imposed status quo, and  the "Taef" officials of the forged legitimacy, felt bewildered and disappointed after learning about their government's plot on the nation's multi-cultural and non religious identity. As everyone by now is aware, the Lebanese-Syrian appointed government has unanimously approved a draft law stipulating Lebanon’s joining to the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), although its charter indicates plainly that members should have the Islamic identity, which "discriminates against people on the basis of religious affiliation" and contradicts several articles of the Lebanese Constitution. The government referred this draft law four months ago to the parliament requesting its ratification. The draft law, if passed would violate people’s right to absolute freedom of religion and the United Nations Charter.

In a completely heretic and irresponsible conduct, the fifteen Christian ministers and the Maronite president passed the draft law at one of the Cabinet's meetings, without any kind of protest, according to Mr. Ghazi Aridi, Minister of Culture (Annahar 23.2.04).

The Speaker for Lebanon's parliament, Mr. Nabih Berri, blocked this draft law after it had sparked a lot of criticism due to the implicit fact that it infringes on the country's Constitution and on its unique pluralistic society and education.

The Cabinet ministers, Muslims and Christians alike, have committed this catastrophic act without respecting the founding fact, that Lebanon is not a Muslim country, but rather a multi-cultural society with a mosaic of Muslim and Christian denominations and diversified ethnicities. They apparently have kept a blind eye that ISESCO is a well known global Muslim organization that promotes Islamic culture and education. Its declared objectives negate all that a multicultural identity is about. It blatantly contradicts the pillars and foundations of the Lebanese constitution and its spirit of diversity in culture, education, religion and origin.

Lebanon's membership in this organization would spontaneously tarnish its historical role as a country of openness and tolerance in the region. The membership would also destroy the active humanitarian role of Lebanon’s Christian communities and confiscate their freedom in education and identity. It would make them second class citizens governed under the Islamic rule of ‘Dhimmitude’(a set of behaviors reflecting the acceptance by Christians and Jews of their own second-class citizenship in the universal Muslim Umma. Such behaviors include adulation for the oppressive ruler and begging and beseeching out of fear or for certain gains). It will fatally infringe on the rights of all non-Muslim Lebanese and rip them of their dignity, identity, history and heritage.

The majority of the Lebanese people, blatantly oppose the current political and military status quo imposed on their occupied country since 1990 and refuse to recognize the forged legitimacy of the "Taef Regime". Accordingly, they were not surprised by this savage atrocity due to the plain fact that they know very well the kind of mercenary officials that the Syrian Baathist occupier has installed to govern Lebanon. The Lebanese proverb, "No one can give what he does not have", describes beautifully the conduct of these Syrian installed officials, including the current "three presidents". They do not by any means represent the Lebanese hopes or aspirations. These political traitors are mere puppets who serve the interests of their Syrian masters and all their acts are governed by the Syrian Faramens (orders).

The 15 Christian ministers and the Maronite president who approved Lebanon's ISESCO membership have committed a vicious crime against their fellow Lebanese Christians in particular, and against the rest of the diversified Lebanese communities in general, in domains of religion and cultural diversification, education, human rights and basic freedoms. These officials are cheap and dangerous tools in the hands of the Syrian Baathist occupier, who through them is endeavoring to destroy, assimilate and annihilate Lebanon and every thing that is Lebanese in all aspects, especially Lebanon's multi-cultural identity.

This horrible infringement raises the question of loyalty to Lebanon, its Constitution and to its multi-ethnic and multi-cultural identity. It shows without the slightest doubt that these officials do not have any loyalty to the people who they presumably represent, nor to Lebanon in all its uniqueness. Our Lebanon will not be able to reclaim its independence, sovereignty, freedoms and human rights as long as its governed by evil rulers and politicians who have been forced on the Lebanese people since 1990.

Lebanese, both in occupied Lebanon and in Diaspora, whose national doctrine is the 10452 square km2, have an obligation to defend their country's identity and to oppose openly any infringement inflicted on them. Their holy national duty is to witness to the truth and to courageously unveil the unethical and evil conduct of the mercenary officials and politicians whose loyalty is not to Lebanon's pillars of sovereignty, freedom, independence, multi-culturalism, identity and human rights!

There is no question that the heretic advocacy for Lebanon's membership in the ISESCO, as well as for the fanatic religious imported ideologies that negate and contradict Lebanon's multi-cultural identify and its religious freedoms should be banned, and those who promote them through any means ought to be charged and put on trial for treason!

Lebanon is not a Christian or a Muslim country, but rather a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-denominational society. Accordingly, no one culture or denomination should be allowed under any circumstances to dominate and marginalize other denominations or cultures.

Lebanon, according to the ISESCO web site has been a full member since 2002, but on the 22nd of February 2004, the name of Lebanon was mysteriously deleted from the Membership list of this Islamic organization!!! One would then wonder why have we been a member since 2002, and why have our authorities been trying to cover-up for it.

What really did happen? Were there any hidden implications to our secret membership in ISESCO for the past 2 years? Were the educational programs changed in anyway to fit the spirit of ISESCO? This is a big question for which we must find the answers.

My Fellow Lebanese, let us witness for the truth and address all national issues with no fear. Let us also remember what Thomas Jefferson once said, "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so"!

Long Live Freedom

***Elias Bejjani
*Human Rights activist, journalist & political commentator.
*Spokesman for the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation (CLHRF)
*Media Chairman for the Canadian Lebanese Coordinating Council (LCCC)
E.Mail phoenicia@hotmail.com