Syrian Army in Lebanon, What for!!!
By: Elias Bejjani

"Through history Syria and Lebanon were and still are , one country and one people. This fact must be grasped by everybody. For this reason we, the Syrians have provided armaments and ammunition to protect the Palestenian revolution, and decided to enter Lebanon under   the "Palestine Liberation Army". This Army started to enter Lebanon without the knowledge or approval of anyone, and without any consultation with the local national parties of Lebanon at the time"
(verbatim quotation from late Syrian president Hafez Assad's speech, delivered at the Damascus University on July 1976, in a bid to justify Syrian invasion of Lebanon)

This leverage gave the Syrian regime the excuse for taking control over the whole country. Meanwhile it has been really a disappointment for the Lebanese people to realize that Hizbollah, who gained their support for driving the Israelis out of the South,  has become the soul protector of the Syrian occupation Army.  However, in doing so, Hizbollah becomes nothing more than a political party serving the Syrian occupier's interests, like numerous Lebanese subservient parties and individuals.

If you had visited Lebanon on the 17th of March of this year, you would have thought that the country was mobilized for a big invasion. But instead, a state of emergency was declared that virtually paralyzed Beirut. Why? To protect the Syrian troops from the University students' anger and rage. Thousands of students were peacefully demonstrating  against the Syrian occupation.  What really is disturbing, is the fact that Hizbollah who for a while portrayed itself as a true Lebanese resistance force, is  now offering protection for the Syrian occupier against the patriot Lebanese.  It is becoming apparent  that Syria has no intention whatsoever to leave the our country peacefully or willingly.

The truth of the matter is that there is no legitimate current reason for Syria to stay in Lebanon, unless serving its own interests, not those of Lebanon and his people.  It does not matter who is the majority or the minority, what matters is that Lebanon will always be a place for people with different beliefs living together as one people, respecting one another, loyal to their country and determined to preserve their identity as Lebanese no matter what.

The actual vicious Syrian scheme is becoming more obvious every day for those who want to see it. Apparently Syria has no intention of leaving by any peaceful means. It is boldly flexing  its muscles on daily basis inside cities, towns, institutions, roads and numerous Beirut residential areas. Its troops are executing its venomous schemes through intimidation and harassment before the eyes of the Lebanese Syrian appointed puppet authority. The Syrian-installed  Beirut regime is becoming nothing more than an entity paving the way for the annexation of Lebanon.  The Lebanese are beginning to wonder if the remaining heavily armed militias (under the false logo of fighting the Israelis) would be manipulated by Syria to oppress and intimidate their own people as a final step to swallow Lebanon for good?

The true intention of the Syrians for entering Lebanon is no secret to anyone, it is as clear as light.  Syrian president, Bashar Alassad,in his latest interview with "Al-Sharq Al-Awasat newspaper"  stated clearly that Syria has no plans of leaving even after peace has been established with Israel. History shows that Syria not once fought the Israelis to protect Lebanon. Evidence proves that the Syrian military occupational presence in Lebanon has been agreed upon by the Israelis. Any claim by Lebanese groups justifying Syrian presence for the protection of the Lebanese Christians is completely false, and has no merit.

On April 7th, 1995 an Israeli ex diplomat ( Mr. Jordan Rafael) unveiled  the fact that late Mr.Yitzhak  Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel then, gave Syria the green light in writing to send its troops to Lebanon. In an interview published by Hertz newspaper Mr. Rafael stated that Mr. Rabin, was informed by King Hussein of Jordan, at the request of Hafez Al-Assad on April 11th, 1976, of the actual Syrian plan. Mr.Rafael stated that as instructed by Mr. Rabin, he met with King Hussein in London. During the meeting Hussein assurred Israel, that the Syrian army will not be deploy in south Lebanon, and that Syria's main intention it to contain the Palestinians, who will not be permitted to lunch any attacks on Northern Israel. He added: " King Hussein, on behalf of the Syrian President, Hafez Al- Assad promised us that the Syrian Army would not deploy in South Lebanon and would not get near the Lebanese Syrian border". Rafael went on to say that Al-Assad gave his word and personal guarantees that he is after the PLO only, and that his troops will withdraw back into Syria once the situation is under control". The Haaretz quoted Mr. Rafael saying verbatim: "Mr. Rabin approved the Syrian military operation in Lebanon through a written letter he sent to King Hussein of Jordan on April 28/1976". According to the Haaretz the letter is still kept at the Israeli Government archives.

Those who allege "The Lebanese Front" (coalition of Christian leaders and politicians) had asked Syrian late President, Al-Assad to send his troops to Lebanon are not telling the truth. They are forging history, faking facts and fabricating plain lies to appease the Syrian regime and mislead the public opinion.

"The real weapon of the Lebanese patriots is their faith and hope. They are courageously witnessing for the truth and vehemently strenuous to face all hardships with perseverance and unshakable determination. Their ultimate goal is to free their beloved Lebanon, reclaim independence, sovereignty, free decision making process and drive out all foreign troops. 

The Lebanese people are determined to regain back their 10452 km square country and safeguard their 6000 years of deeply rooted history, civilization and distinguishable identity. By God's will, The people of Lebanon must and shall be victorious.
Long Live Free Lebanon