Lebanon's Holy Identity
By: Elias Bejjani

The official "games" in Lebanon continue to unfold with cheap theatrics, deception and camouflage. They have been targeting numerous vital public economical  sectors in a bid to create public despair, fear, frustration and tension. The Beirut puppet regime resorted to this chameleon strategy to pit the Lebanese against one another, and  to use Hizbollah's weapons as a means of instigation and intimidation. Meanwhile, Syria and Israel have restricted Hizbollah's freedom in using its weapons against Israel from Shabaa Farms in South Lebanon to almost a big zero. The Israeli PM Ariel Sharon has changed the rules of the on going Syrian-Israeli  war game in existence since 1967. He made the Syrian Army in Lebanon, a target for Israel's military retaliatory responses for all Hizbolla attacks from Shabaa Farms against the Israeli troops. Before that Israel used to attack Lebanese targets and spare the Syria Army.

The kind of games dictated by Angar (Syrian troops head quarter in Lebanon) are nothing but a show down of how every thing Lebanese is destroyed and sabotaged by Syria and its Lebanese puppet officials. For example  MEA  (Lebanon's air lines company) was converted from a successful and highly profitable institution to a skeleton on the verge of bankruptcy. The MEA has been losing  $40-$60 million dollars annually since 1990. It used to own a fleet of 24 jets, while currently it rents nine jets only. These nine jets require not more then 1000 employees to be fully operated, while 4500 employees were forced on the institution.

What the  MEA is going through, is the same corrupted pattern imposed on all public institutions, ministries and allied service facilities. This plague started in 1990 after the Syrian troops occupied the whole country, forced the Lebanese legitimate government into exile and installed a puppet regime. The Mafiosa-mentality style dominates currently the public scene and is leading Lebanon into bankruptcy. It is not only the MEA that has been invaded by thousands of surplus employees, but also Lebanon's public TV station, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Tourism, the Parliament, Ministry of Energy and many others. The vicious spreading of public corruption aims to strip Lebanon of its ability to survive and force the Lebanese government to declare the country's bankruptcy. Since 1990  Syria has been behind all sorts of corruption, crime and smuggling. Syria's unhidden ultimate venomous aim is to annex Lebanon when the time allows it. Such devilish plan have been agreed upon almost 30 years ago between Syria and Israel.

Stirring up media arguments among the three presidents, and between them and other politicians is nothing but attempts by Syria and its local puppets to engage the Lebanese people with trivial issues and divert their attention far from illegal practices taking place all over the country at all levels. Bankrupting the MEA is the first step towards killing all Lebanon's institutions and render the democratic process void and null. The Lebanese Syrian installed regime is forcing every day more and more Lebanese to immigrate. latest studies indicate that 16,000 thousands are leaving the country every month. It is worth mentioning that one million and 350 thousand Lebanese citizens have already immigrated since 1990. The Syrian regime has succeeded in pushing Lebanon into the point of complete disaster, it is reaching the point of no return.

Syrian occupation is striving strongly and on daily basis to starve the Lebanese by all means available. It has been infringing on the peoples' basic human rights and preventing the peace process from being implemented in Lebanon and on its borders. The dirty war against our people is still on high gear, it is against Lebanon's distinguishable identity, history, culture, heritage, nationals and freedoms.

Once Lebanon's identity is confiscated and substituted by any other identity,  "Lebanon the message" will seize to be a civilized independent and democratic country.  

We are more then confidant that all vicious Syrian conspiracies will fail as long as we stick to our unique identity, preserve it, and fight its enemies. The war was about our identity as Lebanese and still is. Our resistance will not have any effect unless we come to realize who we really are and how vital is it is for us not to abandon our roots or betray the sacrifices of Lebanon's martyrs..

God endowed us a precious gift, a unique Lebanese identity, so we set an example for the world. Accordingly we are not going to surrender to violence, intimidation, poverty, persecution  or torture. We are rooted into loving our Lebanon.

Our weapons are faith, hope and hard work.
We know who we are and highly recognize the holiness of Lebanon's soil.
Our will and determination are strong like mountains.
We shall become stronger as long as our land keeps producing Saints like Saint Charbel, Saint Hardini and Saint Rafka. 
Our strong faith is vital for our strength.
Our loyalty to Lebanon cannot be crushed.
Our love one to another is the key for our victory,
Our faith will pave the way for open dialogue with one another and with God himself.
We are not going to loose confidence in our selves.
We are not going to give up or surrender.
Our believe in Great Lebanon will never die.
Our love Lebanon's identity is stronger than ever.
We will fight lies and deception
We will disown politicians and clergymen who betray Lebanon's holy identity and deeply rooted nationalism.

Lebanon has been living in our hearts, minds and souls for more than 6000 years.
Yes we have been pushed out, shoved around, killed and persecuted and even forced into poverty, but we are very rich in our faith, nationalism and love for freedom and democracy.
God will always help those who are willing to help themselves.

Long Live Free Lebanon