Referendum, Not an Election
By: Elias Bejjani

Almighty God, bless our courageous people in Northern Al-Metn for their marvelous victory. They have defeated the Syrian oppressor and gave its local puppets a lesson in commitment, devotion and patriotism. These patriots proved to the Lebanese Diaspora that they are much better than most, especially those who lost faith and alienated themselves. Al Metn citizens have declared loudly to the whole world that 'despite all hardships, persecution and torture, we are still able to endure, confront and win'!

All-Metn citizens, backed by all Lebanese "true"nationalists, decided to temporarily emerge from their self-imposed boycotting policy and accept the challenge imposed on them by the Syrian occupation and its Lebanese puppets. They were adamant to confront the evil Syrian hegemony and oppression controlling their country and manipulating its regime. The Metnis sensed with their shrewd intelligence and foresight that the resistance coalition backing Gabriel Murr best represented their rejectionist stance towards the corrupt "status quo". They knew that Gabriel Murr could be entrusted to carry Lebanon's holy cause of freedom. These courageous 'citizen soldiers' joined the confrontation without any sort of hesitation, fear or personal political agendas.

Al-Metn citizens challenged and destroyed all the pseudo-barriers that Syria and its installed Lebanese puppet officials, politicians and clergymen had created during the last 13 years. These puppets have deluded themselves that they are able to suppress the people, muffle their voices and turn them into slaves. Cain's vicious plans were all uncovered and defeated. Maybe the time has come for "Cain", the captor of our people and their free will, under the camouflaged tag of fraternity and brotherhood to wake-up and leave Our Lebanon while he still can with some kind of dignity.

For the record, there was no legitimate election process on June the 2nd of 2002 in accordance to any international electoral criteria. This was primarily due to the fact that none of the basic electoral elements were secured. The people participated in a referendum, no more, no less. The same heretic situation had prevailed all over Lebanon during every set-up and staged election that has been concocted by the Syrian occupier since 1990. The reality remains that the Lebanese-Syrian installed government does personify the peoples' will, aspiration, or hopes. At the same time, Lebanon's current security forces' leadership follow orders "faramans" imposed on them directly from the Syrian occupier's headquarters located in the city of Anjar - they no have freedom at all. Accordingly, these forces can not be entrusted to enforce the law or ensure a milieu of neutrality and freedom.

For the record, the Al-Metn confrontation was not an election by any means, but a referendum process . The defeat of the regime's candidate stemmed from the fact that free democratic conduct requires three prime pillars to be successful. These pillars are, the Metnis' right in a free choice, rejection of hegemony and the courage needed for confrontation. These three pillars were ensured through the solid, patriotic sovereign coalition that accepted the regime's challenge and lead the battle on the ground.

The importance of the Metn out come lies not only in the patriotic homogeneity that the resistance coalition had exhibited, but also in the dynamic future potential of being an example and a beacon of light for the other regions across Lebanon to follow!  A new public and leadership spirit has emerged. Hopefully, this will be the foundation for future peaceful, democratic confrontations with the Beirut puppet regime and its Syrian masters. The successful results of this civilized referendum must be seen as a role model that should not be restricted to Al-Metn, but spread to all Lebanon's territories in a bid to unite all the Lebanese and force Syria to implement UN resolution 520.

On June 2nd of 2002, the people of Lebanon stood tall like the Great Cedars and defended their right of free representation, despite the oppression, intimidation, bribery and persecution that the Syrian installed regime has inflicted on them. Al-Metn referendum was an important and solid step in the one mile liberation journey.

The LCCC salutes Lebanon's heroic youth, especially the thousands of university students, who have worked hard, day and night against all odds and made with their faith, perseverance and patriotism the referendum a victory of the 10 452 km square doctrine.

Long Live Lebanon's Children
Long Live Free Lebanon