Taef Regime is the murderer
By: Elias Bejjani

At this very moment the basic human rights and dignity of each and every patriotic Lebanese are under a brutal siege in occupied Lebanon. The Lebanese puppet  regime and its master, the Syrian occupier, are perpetrating oppression, arbitrary detention, intimidation, and crime on daily basis. All the regime's acts stem from an ongoing official and undeclared policy of treason and prostitution. Despite the regime's attempts to camouflage it, its evil is venomously exhibited through atrocities of the Lebanese-Syrian - installed politicians and clergymen. Since 1990, the whole country has been transformed into one huge detention center solely for the purpose of torturing and harassing any and all patriotic Lebanese citizens who dare to speak theirmind. 

These advocates for freedom, democracy, sovereignty, independence, justice and for the implementation of UN Resolution 520 are harassed and persecuted for their beliefs. This Resolution calls for strict respect of Lebanon's sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and political independence under the exclusive authority of the Lebanese Government through the Lebanese Army. Since Syria occupied almost all of Lebanon in 1990 and forced the legitimate government of General Aoun into exile, freedoms has become a taboo. The country's free decision making process has been confiscated as well as its sovereignty and independence. From day one Syria has been appointing and installing Lebanese bereft of conscience or spirit. 

The puppet regime has destroyed Lebanon's economy; making it possible for 1.5 million  illegal Syrian workers to conquer the country's labor market and forcing the emigration of more than 1.4 million citizens. In an effort to skew the demographic balance of Lebanon, it illegally sacrificed the Lebanese citizenship: giving it to more than five hundred thousand strangers, mainly Syrians. The regime has plundered and polluted the environment and all but destroyed the forestry, reducing it from 25 to less than 2%. Thousands of patriotic Lebanese were arbitrarily arrested and transferred illegally and unjustly to Syria's notorious Stalinist jails. Among them politicians, journalists, monks, women, soldiers and officers from Lebanon's own army. Syrian authorities will not even afford their families the human decency of confirming the death of these victims, nor allowing loved ones any contact. 

RamzI Irani is only the latest victim in Syria's vicious series of oppression and physical liquidation. As long as Lebanon struggles for freedom, there will be others. Many. Innocents preferring to die on their feet rather than live on their knees will sacrifice their own lives before the country becomes able to reclaim back its stolen freedom and confiscated independence. Ramzi Irani, in the steps of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese martyrs, has sacrificed his life to defend Lebanon's freedom. He did so to protect our dignity, safeguard our identity and give us a live example in courage and devotion.

It is true that evil has robbed Lebanon of Ramsi Irani's body. But there simply is not enough hate and evil to kill the cause which he died defending. Yes, they have horribly mutilated Ramzi's body, but in doing so, they have plainly exposed their savagery and animal mentality. Their murderous act has left clear fingerprints: the murders came from within the Beirut regime ranks. The whole kidnapping and assassination scenario have demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt, Syria's complete involvement. Numerous patriotic Lebanese leaders had met the same fate since 1975. Among them: President elect Bashir Gemayel, Mufti Sheik Hassan Khalid, Druz leader Kamal Jumblat, Journalists Riad Taha, Kamel Mrouieh, and Salim Louzy, president Rene Moawad, Rashid Karami , etc. The bloody fingerprints of the same murderer are visible in all these political crimes.

Ramzi Irani has become a patriotic symbol for the 10452 square kilometer Lebanon's doctrine. He was an innocent citizen: a successful engineer who believed in the virtues of the Lebanese Forces' political, peaceful struggles for freedom and liberation. His assassination shows the commitment of Lebanon's enemies to strangle Lebanon, their objection to Lebanon's struggle and their sheer determination to abort the resurrection dead in its tracks.

The LCCC condemns this hideous crime that stole the life of a peace-loving citizen, and deprived a faithful wife and two innocent children of a husband and a father. The Beirut regime and its sponsor, the Syrian forces remain the prime suspects until they arrest and put on trial the actual murderers. We assure the murderers not to think they have silenced us. Your evil act has only united and strengthened the patriotic Lebanese, and bonded the more adamant defenders of Lebanon's liberation. We are fully cognizant of your evil aims. You spread terror and fear in a bid to force the immigration of our youth. You labor in vain: the Lebanese people know very well your schemes. You will not succeed.

Ramzi has become a martyr; dying for all the Lebanese. Like Sheik Bashir, he died defending his dream: freedom for Lebanon's 10452 square k.m. Those who believe that Ramzi died for the sake of a single denomination do the real resistance in Lebanon a great disservice. While those who believe that Ramzi died for a lost cause have no idea what it is to desire freedom from the occupier so badly that one can taste it. Ramzi witnessed for the truth. He regarded Lebanon's sovereignty highly. His memory and mission will live on as long as patriotic Lebanese struggle for freedom and liberation.  

May Almighty GOD bless the soul of Ramzi Irani. May Almighty GOD grant his family, his people, and comrades strength, faith,devotion and perseverance.
Long live free Lebanon