No Right Shall Die, as Long as there is Someone to Claim it
By: *Elias Bejjani

April 18/2006

From the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation, and with pride and joy, we extend our warmest congratulations to our friend, Attorney Dr. Mohamed Mugraby in regards to the recent ruling taken on April 15, 2006 by the Lebanese Military Tribunal to drop all charges and judicial pursuits against him. The Court declared that it lacked the jurisdiction to prosecute
Dr. Mugraby on charges emanating from a testimony he had delivered in 2003 before the European Parliament.

The fabricated charges against Dr. Mugraby were completely false and alien to the concepts of justice, Human Rights and reason. They were remnants of the era of hateful Syrian occupation of Lebanon which sprinkled the judiciary system with tyrannical puppets to terrorize the free and honorable Lebanese Human Rights advocates like Dr. Mugraby.

The sword that the Syrian Baathist regime used through its appointed Lebanese puppet judges was a satanic attempt to silence free, courageous and loud voices crying against injustice and to suffocate them from testifying to the truth. This sword has now been lifted and was smashed under the feet of the marching Cedars revolutionaries carrying the banners of their victory and emancipation.

He who witnesses to the truth shall be set free. Dr. Mugraby always witnessed to the truth and spoke for it. He is now free after a long struggle. He did not surrender to tyranny or persecution. Rather, his tribulations strengthened his resolve, conviction, and faith.

From Canada, from all the free and sovereignist Lebanese members of our community, Mabrouk, Congratulations, Dr. Mugraby. Your honorable example and selfless giving will always be remembered with gratitude and dignity. Your resistance is engraved in the grateful hearts and consciences of our young  people whom you defended relentlessly.

Dr. Mugraby, the struggle, resistance, and defense that you have spent for those Lebanese citizens whose properties and rights were being confiscated and infringed on during the long years of the Syrian occupation will never be forgotten.
Dr. Mugraby, you are a tenacious Lebanese who defended the rights and dignity of the Lebanese citizens, God bless you.

Dr. Mugraby, congratulations, you have proven by example and without a shred of doubt that no right shall die as long as there is someone to claim it.

Long Live Lebanon. Long Live Freedom.

Elias Bejjani
*Human Rights activist, journalist & political commentator.
*Spokesman for the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation (CLHRF)
*Media Chairman for the Canadian Lebanese Coordinating Council (LCCC)


High Military Court in Lebanon Declares Lack of Jurisdiction,
Centre for Democracy & the rule of law
Beirut 15/4/06: All charges against human rights defender and lawyer Dr. Muhamad Mugraby were dropped by a higher military court on Saturday noon, apparently in response to a world wide campaign condemning his prosecution. Dr. Mugraby had been charged with the crime of "defaming the military establishment and its officers." The trial in this case was set for Monday, April 17, 2006. To assist in his defense the Dutch Lawyers For Lawyers Foundation sent a delegation of seven lawyers from Amsterdam, namely Willem van Manen, Leo Spigt, Christien Wildeman, Judith Lichtenberg, Ilan de Vré, Jens van den Brink, and Gerrard Boot. The delegation also included a member of the British House of Commons, Julian Brazier. Observers from various international human rights organizations have been gathering in Beirut to attend the trial, now canceled.
The Military Court of Cassation held that the statements of Dr. Mugraby at the European Parliament were general, comprehensive and highly critical of all Lebanese state authorities and agencies without exception. The court added that such statements were not directed specifically against the military justice system or its officers and hence did not constitute the crime provided under Article 157 of the Military Justice Code. Dr. Mugraby, acknowledged the court, considered the statements to fall within his right of free expression.