Does Lebanon's House Speaker Head a Jihadist Militia?
By: Elias Bajani

July 01/08

It was announced in Beirut on Monday June 30/08 that Lebanon's House Speaker, Mr. Nabih Berri will be paying Canada an official visit within the coming few days to participate in the Canadian French Quebec's province 400 years founding anniversary celebrations, and also to take part in the 34 Francophone Parliamentary General Assembly meetings

In this realm, our Non Profit organization, (The Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council (LCCC) advised the Canadian government's top officials in a letter sent to them yesterday on the following documented facts:  

On Thurday, June 26/08, Shiite Lebanese armed "Amal Movement," headed by Lebanon's House Speaker, Mr. Nabih Berri, issued a press release under the title:  "Amal Movement announces the martydom of its member Hussein Haidar Awad while executing his jihadist duties." The release published in Arabic by the National News Agency in its 26/06/06 news bulletin reads as follows: "Amal Movement, the Jabal Amel chapter, announced in a statement that was issued today, the martyrdom of Hussain Haider Awada while executing his jihadist duty." The release stated that Awada was born in the town of Chaehien in 1990, joined the Islamic Al Resali Scouts at a young age, and had worked among the Amal Movement ranks in its organizational cells. He was a role model to the committed jihadist brother. He was martyred on 26/06/08 while exacting his Amal Movement's duties."  The release called for participation in the martyr's funeral that took place on the same day.

The same "Amal Movement's" release denied earlier numerous news agencies' reports that said Awada's body was found in the city of Tyre, after he had been assassinated by unknown assailants.
What is really sad, disappointing, frightening and frustrating is that the Lebanese officials on all level, politicians and media, (both local and global) did not give this very significant release the attention and focus that it requires.

Meanwhile, Lebanon's security apparatus and its judiciary did not even bother to question the "Amal Movement" leadership on the circumstances of the so called "Martyrdom of Awada." The government ignored the whole scary event and did not address it by any means.
One wonders if Mr. Nabih Berri, who is Lebanon's House Speaker and president of the Shiite "Amal Movement" is an Islamic jihadist, and if his Movement's armed fighter are executing jihadi activities? If so, the question that every body should ask is, where and against whom?
Are Mr. Berri's armed fighters carrying jihadist activities in Iraq, Israel, Yemen, certain Middle East countries or in undeclared global frontlines in other countries as well? The Lebanese government has an obligation to call for an immediate judicial probe in the whole matter. Shouldn't the Lebanese people be informed as to where Awada was martyred?
Was he killed in the latest fierce Tripoli or Bekaa battles that took place between civilian Sunnis supporting MP. Saad Harriri and Lebanon's sovereignty, and Hezbollah armed militia (Iran's Army in Lebanon), that is fighting to topple the Lebanese democratic and multi cultural regime and replace it by an Islamic state replicate of the Iranian Mullah's religious dictatorship ("Wilayat al-Faqih State)

Mr. Nabih Berri, is Lebanon's House Speaker and has yet to inform the Lebanese people, the Arab countries and the Free World that his "Amal Movement" is engaged in any jihadist activities. The man had recently met in his official Beirut Headquarter's France's president, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy and the US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Meanwhile on a daily basis he receives numerous ambassadors and UN delegations and representatives and portrays himself as a man of peace. Is he actually a man of peace or a covert jihadist and in a mere camouflage status?

We strongly believe that it is a nationally and legally binding obligation that Mr. Berry is pressured to straighten the record and declare openly where his jihadists are fighting, for whose agenda, and for what cause? In case Mr. Berri is actually involved in any "jihadi activities," at any level, he is obligated, by law to resign his official post as Lebanon's House Speaker.
The United Nation (UN) whose peace forces are stationed in South Lebanon on the border with Israel in accordance to UN Resolutions 1701 and 1559 has an abiding legal obligation to call for a probe in Mr. Berri's questionable involvement in "jihadi Activities."  If Mr. Berri is a jihadist, the UN MUST take certain military measures to secure the safety of its Peace Forces in the South.
Needless to say that the Lebanese official silence on all levels on this grave matter is a flagrant violation of the country's constitution and a blatant encroachment on all Lebanon's laws, worldwide peace obligations and commitments. Most Importantly is a violation to the UN Resolutions 1559 and 17701. Lebanese has the right to know the whole truth, and nothing but the whole  truth.

We reiterate our call for the Free World Countries to act immediately and come to the rescue of the oppressed Lebanese people before the Axis of Evil (Iran and Syria)  through its proxies (Hezbollah, Amal Movement and other Lebanese and Palestinians armed militias) topple the Free Lebanese regime and erect in its place an Iranian satellite, (Wilayat al-Faqih State.).

If Lebanon is left to be devoured by the Axis of Evil piece by piece while the whole free world is just watching and doing nothing, definitely this world will suffer a great deal of future wailing and grinding of teeth.

Elias Bejjani
Chairman for the Canadian Lebanese Coordinating Council (LCCC)
Human Rights activist, journalist & political commentator.
Spokesman for the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation (CLHRF)

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