The Faramen’s Regime
By: Elias Bejjani

Frustration, anger and disgust are definite responses for any rational individual who follows closely occupied Lebanon’s news since 1990. It is impossible for any neutral political analysts to understand the conduct of the installed puppet officials, or of those politicians who hide behind fake opposition masks. The difficulty stems from the fact that these puppets abide by no logic, patriotism, reason or conscience. They are rubber stumps manipulated to serve the Syrian occupier’s schemes and plans. These chameleons declare nasty media wars on people designated for them by Syria and take allies as well as enemies according to the same subservient criteria. They change their stances in the same way they change their cloth, and lick in the evening stances they declare in the morning in accordance to “Faramens” received from the Syrian occupier. They are selfish, opportunists, big manipulators and mere mercenary wailers and clappers.

The latest two theatrical mockeries committed by these officials were in the field of espionage and wire-tapping. The mercenary Lebanese media has been focused during the last two weeks on wire-tapping and on accusations voiced by former Defense Minister, Mr. Mehsen Dalloul. Dalloul alleged the USA embassy in Lebanon owns since 1983 a secret intelligence Centre for espionage (wire-tapping) located in the city of Hazmyieh adjuvant to both Defense Ministry and Presidential Palace in Yarzi area. Dalloul said the information obtained by the Americans is directly relayed to Israel

The appointed PM, Dr. Salim Hoss, denied any knowledge in regards to wire-tapping and blamed his minister for Interior, Mr. Michel Murr, for keeping him in the dark. Murr, the most notorious and most hated official in occupied Lebanon said the wiring does not exist at all. Meanwhile House Speaker Mr. Nabeh Berri admitted openly the wiring is very extensive, on all levels and covers all politicians including the PM himself. Berri added: “The PM, wrote a letter to his minister of Interior related to the wiring because he was afraid to call him over the phone”. At the same time, General Jamil Sayed, the Surety General Chief declared in a meeting for the MP’s that the wiring is a reality, but declined to give details. In the same context Mr. Walid Jumblat, confirmed the wiring and said: “the regime is wasting its time in wire-tapping and ignoring vital national issues, he called on General Lahoud to control the intelligence bureau that is preparing for a conspiracy in Mount Lebanon”. In the midst of this chaotic situation one wanders where are the 128 MP’s, and what are they doing? In fact these robots are hibernating and waiting for “Faramens” from the Syrian occupier that appointed them.

Who the Lebanese people have to believe the MP, the House Speaker, Mr. Jumblat, or Mr. Murr? In fact none of these parrots have any credibility, self-respect or integrity. They utter only what the Syrian occupier spoon-feeds them through “Faramens”.

On the other hand, Mr. Muhsen Dalloul, a former Defense Minister who was in office since 1990, and up till nine month ago, accused the Americans of running a wire-tapping espionage Center at the City of Hazmyieh He alleged the Centre exists since 1983 and relays all information obtained to Israel. Mr. Sami Khatib an appointed MP, and a former Minister for Interior (during the Taief Accord reign since 1990) denied Dalloul’s accusations and stated that the Americans have dismantled their espionage sophisticated equipment many years ago.

What kind of credibility remains for Mr. Dalloul, in his capacity as a former Defense Minister, when according to him he had full knowledge about this alleged Centre since 1983. The question is why Mr. Dalloul took no action against the center during the many years he served in office since 1990. Mr. Dalloul definitely echoed a Syrian “Foramen”in this regard. His allegations serve the Syrian interests in the coming Israeli-Syrian peace negotiations. Another bizarre phenomenon in this case is the Lebanese judiciary’s response to Mr. Dalloul’s accusations. Dalloul was not called for any investigation, the judiciary acted as if the accusations target a janitor not the mightiest country in the world.

The definite end for these two camouflaged scandals is that both files will be closed suddenly the same way they were opened after serving the Syrian objectives. Such conduct has been an on going official practice since 1990, after the Syrian invaded the free regions of Lebanon and ousted its legitimate government headed by General Michel Aoun. The Syrians in addition to many vicious schemes aiming to destroy Lebanon’s sovereignty, identity, culture, history and independence, they keep on portraying the Lebanese officials and politicians as being unable to run the country’s affairs without the presence of their army and full custody. These facts are fully evident to every Lebanese, the only ones who can not see them are the deaf, mute, cowards and collaborators.

What credibility remains to the puppet regime when all its officials including the three presidents contradict, fight, defame and discredit each other according to “Faramens” received from their masters?
What credit remains for politicians when they serve the Syrian interests and not those of Lebanon?
What credibility remains for a regime its presidents and judiciary incriminate victims and free criminals?
What credibility remains for a regime its judiciary is politicized and void of justice?
What credibility remains for a regime that is helping the occupier to eradicate Lebanon’s unique identity, destroy its history and impose Arabism?
In fact the regime and all its puppet officials are slaves serving the Syrian master, and slaves have no credibility at all.
Long Live Free Lebanon