The speech of the LCCC Media Chairman, Elias Bejjani, at the Christian Coalition International Canada convention that took place at the Marriot Hotel - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, on 19.11.04

Dear brothers and sisters in faith,

A sick body can not fight invading diseases and ailments. To be capable in doing so, efficiently, it has to strengthen and fortify its immunity system - its tools and means of defense. The same applies to societies, and to their on going struggle for dignity and survival within a frame of peace, equality, harmony, human rights, and prosperity.

There is no doubt, that our graceful mosaic Canadian multi-cultural society will loss its entity, and all its privileges of peace and freedom, unless, unless,  it takes a very clear and aggressive stand, locally and world-wide, against fundamentalists and fundamentalism, terror and terrorism, corruption and corrupters, crime and criminals.

My dear friends, there is no neutrality in life, the Lebanese people are a living example. Because of a such stance they have been for the last thirty years facing; oppression, persecution, poverty, and displacement on the hands of the Syrian Baathist occupier, its  successive Lebanese puppet governments, fundamentalists and terrorists who comprehend neutrality as cowardice and weakness. Therefore a man has to be either with or against. The Lord Himself has made this matter crystal clear, He said in (Matthew 12-30):  "Anyone who is not for me, is really against me; anyone who does not help me gathering, is really scattering".

For our Canadian society to be victorious, it needs to strengthen its members' faith in God, strongly and openly support the family unity, the cornerstone of any cohesive, healthy and strong nation, preserve the holiness of marriage, and participate actively in the democratic process of electing legislatures and official, on all levels. If we do not elect our MP's. MPP's, mayors, councilors and other public officials, who really represent our hopes, wishes, aspirations and our set of values and principles, then others will, and force on us their pattern of life, their values, their education, their morals and their believes.

The Canadian Lebanese Community, groups and members, that myself and my other 7 colleagues are representing here tonight, in this convention, support the Christian Coalition International Canada  in its strive for making all of the above a reality.

Let us all pray for our beloved Canada, let us all pray for peace for all the people, and please pray with the Lebanese people for the Liberation of their country , the only left occupied country in the world.

Let us all Witness to the Truth, and the Truth shall set us Free